Who is Sweet Prima?


/swēt ˌprēmə/


1. a determined female working to make her dreams come true with dignity and integrity.

2. She has a special twinkle in her eye (or rather je ne sais quoi about her) that makes her special. Her approach to life makes your soul smile and cheer for her to succeed.

Sweet Prima is a combination of the words – 

Sweet and Prima Donna.Sweet has a variety of meaning. To me, sweet is pleasing to the mind or feeling, marked by gentle good humor and kindliness and delicately pleasing to the ear or eye. Prima Donna is a principal female singer in an opera or concert organization, a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team.

The combination of the two words – Sweet and Prima Donna  makes Sweet Prima. A girl on a mission to success who is STRONG. FIERCE. OUTSPOKEN. DRIVEN. And SO MUCH MORE. Hello world – Here she comes!!!